Clicks Through Speaker in SSB

Problem: I'm hoping someone can help me cure a problems with clicks and thuds which emit from the radio's speaker when I transmit in SSB mode - I can also hear my voice quietly (monitor mode is switched off). I have tried different microphones to no avail, I have tried into a dummy load thinking it may have been RF getting in, no luck. It happens on all bands and is less noticeable when I reduce the RF power, turn off the processor, or reduce mic gain. Maybe my 23 amp Power Supply is not up to the job? (it is not the 200w version!). M5TAW

Solution: Now fixed... the power lead was faulty. Not certain whether it was a poor connection within the plug or fuse. This was enough to cause disturbing clicks in the speaker and poor quality TX audio. I'm pleased it was an inexpensive fix!




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