Problems with DSP Operation

Problem: Some of us MP owners have experienced intermittent operation of the DSP. Sometimes the DSP works after a long warmup. Other times it goes out after warming up. It can often be reset my switching the power off then on again.

Solution: I traced the problem to a bad IC on the DSP-A board. I was able to induce it with "freeze" or heat from a simple hair dryer. I also checked voltages to and from the IC. The voltages are listed in the schematics in the shop manual. (A Yaesu tech told me there were no voltages listed to check.) Yaesu wanted $55 for the IC or $98 for the entire board. I opted to replace the entire board as I didn't want the job of changing out a $55 25 pin IC. That and the fact that something else could have been going bad on the board as well. The rig is working FB now. It was much cheaper than sending it to and from Yaesu plus the parts and labor. The best part is that I did not have to part with my rig for 8 to 10 weeks which is standard for non-warranty work. Bill K1XT



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