Signal or Volume Muted

Problem: My nephew had a problem with his new MP. Apparently while he was listening to the radio he received a phone call and turned down the volume on the radio. About 10 minutes later when he turned the volume back up to continue listening it was if the radio was 'muted' (his description) with all signals down about half their normal levels regardless of where he set the volume control. Eventually, after trying different things without any success he pressed the 'enter' key to change frequencies, and the volume returned to a normal level and everything seemed fine. It did it again about two hours later, that time while he was listening (different band and frequency). He pushed the enter key again, and theradio returned to normal operation.

Solution: This sounds similar to a problem I get with my MP. It's almost like the antenna is partially disconnected. In my case, after thoroughly looking at all the patch cables, the feed line and the antennas, I concluded it was oxidation on the bandpass relay contacts.

I find that the more often I use the rig, the less I see the problem. I've lived with this "feature" for over 2 years now. I've used the MP in a 48-hour long contest with absolutely nary a problem. But, if I let it sit for a month, not using a band, that's when I find it helps to transmit once or twice on the affected band to clean things up a bit.

At least that's my theory. I've debated replacing the little bandpass relay, in my case for 40 meters, but concluded it simply is not a problem. As soon as I USE it (transmit or toggle back and forth between bands), it disappears. I bet if I gave it to Yaesu, they'd say "no problem found." Gary W2CS




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