SP8 Speaker Problem

Problem: I am using an FT1000mp and have a Yaesu SP8 speaker. Here's the problem. When I pull the headphone plug out of the MP, there is no sound coming out of the SP8. Not EVERY time, but most of the time. But if I turn the audio gain on the MP, it pops back to life, way too loud. I can then turn the audio gain on the MP back down to a normal level. And sometimes, the sound will quit if I bump the desk. Tapping the SP8 case will 'sometimes' bring it back. But turning the AF gain on the MP works EVERY time. Sort of like a circuit is tuned too close. Changing the settings of the SP8 filtering does cause changes in the filtering but does not effect the muted audio until gain reaches some threshold situation.

I've checked all jacks and wiring for cold solder joints. The SP8 is connected to the SPEAKER jack on the back of the MP of course and is disconnected when using headphones. So before I try and bypass the audio filter circuit, can anyone make a suggestion.

Solution: The 1/8 inch front panel headphone jack on my 1997 vintage MP also developed this symptom a while back. The jack includes contacts that serve to mute the external speaker connection when a headphone plug is inserted. My quick fix was to switch to the 1/4 inch headphone jack which did not have this symptom. A bit of DeOxit applied to the 1/8 inch jack contacts later took care of the issue with the 1/8 inch headphone jack. Mark K9TR

Solution 2:Try cleaning the speaker plug with a contact cleaner or alcohol and then coat the contact conditioner if you have it. I occasionally have the problem with the headphone plug. Art W2NRA


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