DC Power Connections

Problem: Due to the internal AC supply recently quitting on me, I need to wire up a DC cable for my MP. I've been through the manual, and all of the 1000MP archives, but other than disassembling the MP can't find a diagram showing how to wire the plug for the DC cable input. Anyone have such a diagram, or maybe how the plug is wired for one of the external supplies.

While I'm at it, the MP manual does not include a schematic of the internal AC power supply. The PS is made by Futaba, and has the number FP1406A on the circuit board. Does someone have a schematic they could email me, or know of a place where I could obtain another PS? I know I could get one from Yaesu, but $300 seems a bit much for a 25 amp switching power supply.
Dennis NB1B

Solution: There is an internal fuse on the board where all power cables from the supply are connected. It is not visible, but under a small plate. I found this when I added an internal supply in an FT1000MP (DC) that were sold in Germany. Page 103 has information how to connect for DC operation. Mark ON4MA


Schematic, parts list, and board diagram can be downloaded here.




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