Problem: SWR Meter Reading Incorrectly

My FT-1000MP's SWR meter shows 1:2, but external SWR & Power Meter shows perfect match of the antenna 1:1 - no reflected power... It is on all bands, sometimes MP shows SWR 1:3 while external meter tells it is 1:1.5 (on other antenna). What is wrong with the transceiver? It also shows about 70 Watts output though external power meter shows 100 Watts....Should I try to adjust any settings to make SWR meter work right? Pawel, SP7PS

Solution: Thank you very much for the help and suggestion.The problem is solved and was caused by two damaged diodes in SWR Unit based on LPF Board. I replaced these diodes and my MP works like new. Pawel, SP7PS

Other Suggestions: Try resetting the tuner memories, and see if your tuner will tune itself to 1:1....It may be too far off to produce a match from it's initial set point.....You can reset the memories by depressing the two bottom outside buttons on the keypad, and powering on the rig.....With the tuner off, with low power in the CW mode, while sending a series of dits, depress and hold the tuner button several times, while observing the SWR metering.... The SWR should drop back to 1:1, as the tuner matches your antenna..... With the system matched, check the Power Output with your outboard meter, and see how close they are at that time.....

If you can not achieve the match after reset, then you may have a problem with the automatic antenna tuner..... I find it is easier for the rig to match loads in CW than in SSB.....for what ever reason.....Mike Schatzberg WB2AJI




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