CPU Functions Lockup

SYMPTOM:  When my radio came back from Yaesu a few years ago none of the push buttons worked. (amazing since the repair people said it was working fine).

SOLUTION: Literally I picked up the radio and shook it vigorously (up and down and sideways too). Sometimes one of the buttons gets stuck which prevents the others from working. (can't remember who told me this but it was off this mailing list). Give it a try and see if it gets to working again.

Ed. note: Suggest you do a visual inspection, check each button by pushing, and do a CPU reset before doing the above.


SOLUTION 2: Did check all pushbuttons several times but all had the correct "feeling". Suddenly noticed someone (very probably me...) "parked" a laptop computer on a "free spot" on the operating table. But it wasn't free........Below it was the FH-1 remote control keypad, which now had one or more of its keys constantly pressed.......This caused the panic in the shack........
So all is ok now!!




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