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Radio suddenly resets to 7MHZ

SYMPTOM: I have been an owner of a 1000MP for about a month now and have had a lot of fun with this radio. I have seen one problem that my friends have not seen on their MP's and that is when I'm operating on 10 meters the radio will all of a sudden reset it's self back to 7.000.00 and I will loose the settings in menu 8-9. This happens with and with out the use of an external amp. Could this problem be due to stray RF? Anyone else had the problem and if so what was the fix. Steve KT0DX

SOLUTION: I found the problem to be with the CW Keyer being plugged into the front of the radio. When I relocated the Keyer to the back of the radio all the RF getting into the radio went away. I can now run the amp at full output with no problem. I usually do not use the Amp on 10 meters but the original problem was really beginning to bug me and wanted to get it fixed. Once again thanks to everyone for the input and help. I really enjoy the 1000MP and it is well worth the money spent on the radio. Steve KT0DX

SOLUTION 2 I, too, had problems with my MP doing the reset to 7.000.00 whenever more than a sniff of RF was about. I played all sorts of tunes on cable layout, and decoupled everything going into or out of the radio with 0.01 disc ceramics. It was worst on 10 and 15m, but 20 gave it a go as well. It was a waste of time even switching the TL922 on! Eventually, I got fed up enough to take the lid off. I had noticed that the problem seemed to be at its very worst when using the internal tuner, so I started looking there. I did not like what I saw - lots of dry looking joints. There are several large capacitors and coils soldered into the board, and it looked as if they just had not been hot enough. I got a monster soldering gun (60W) and re-flowed everything I could see on the tuner board. Magic! Now I can sometimes do the reset thing on a bad day with a following wind, so I imagine I must have missed one or two. The difference is amazing, though. 1kW on all bands is OK, now. So try those dry joints if you have this problem. It was well worth the effort. John

SOME MORE THOUGHTS: Andrew, I had a similar type problem with my FT100MP @ GM8R during CQWW CW.
I had CT keying on the rear panel and an external keyer on the front panel. When operating on 20m the MP would lock in transmit. I removed the front panel lead and all was well. Is the front panel jack more susceptible to RF
than the rear panel??? This was the first time I had used the MP @ GM8R normally it would be a TS950SDX with both CT and keyer into the CW jack via a 2 way splitter. I never tried the MP with both leads on the rear panel
jack via splitter. Wonder if you or anyone else has experience of this. The TS950SDX does not lock up at all!
73 de GM0NAI/AC6GJ

It appears to me that two separate problems exist here. First, the ham who has the main VFO got to 7.000 MHZ when on ten meters. This is probably due to some RF feedback. The ARRL handbook suggests various grounding methods to treat this. Another problem a different ham had was while using his computer to key the MP on CW. I recently had the same problem -- on 160 meters it would manifest itself if the computer was keying the MP via the rear panel key jack. On 15 meters it occurred only if the computer was keying the MP via the front panel key jack. These problems only occurred while running a kilowatt. I finally solved the problem by winding the excess key wire
leads into a tight coil (several turns). With this "choke", the computer now flawlessly keys the MP from either key jack on any band. K6NDV had a similar problem with his computer. I believe he solved it by grounding his computer.
My keying problems were not an MP problem. Obviously, RF getting into the computer via the key line was causing the anomaly. 73, de Earl, K6SE

I had the same thing happen when I had an external keyer hooked up for the contest. I am sure it was RF coming in on either the external keyer or computer keyer line. Took off the external keyer and all ok. Tom, W1TO

I had exactly this problem with my early (11/95) FT1000mp during CQWW CW at GI0KOW. It was damned annoying! Roberts 10M yagi is about 50M away from the shack and is 22M in the air. Admittedly it only happened when I ran the amp. 100W was no problem. I was using CT to key the rig through the rear jack and an external
keyer in the front jack so I could use my paddle key. I found that if I removed the keyer from the front jack, the problem
disappeared completely, so it is obviously (at least in my case) RF getting in through the front CW keying jack. I think I'll be adding some ferrite beads on the internal leads and also some bypass capacitors to see if I can cure it.
Hope that info starts to point you in the right direction. Andrew Williamson GI0NWG / AC6WI




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