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I often use my PC to key CW, but I like having the paddles available too. On my TS-850 I made a modification that allowed the PC to key the rig (ie. bypass the internal keyer) while the paddles would still operate the  internal keyer. This allowed me to use both the PC to send CW and the internal keyer with my paddles simultaneously and not have to push any switches. Is there a way to accomplish this with the FT1000MP? I could accomplish the same thing by using an external keyer and turn the internal off, but I'd prefer not to do that.  73, Dave, N1PC

Suggestions/Response: You can't use a PC keyer when the internal keyer is switched on. It's a design flaw in the modern Yaesu rigs (my old TS950SDX didn't have that problem...) One solution is to switch off the internal keyer and connect your paddles to a second external keyer with its output paralleled with the  PC key line. If you use WriteLog for contesting, there's an external keyer available that communicates with the PC. That way, your paddles can control the PC keying. NA accomplishes the same thing by allowing you to connect your paddles to the same parallel port used for rig keying. I use the Writelog keyer, but have it setup in a relay box that lets me manually switch the paddles to the rig so I can use the internal keyer for DXing. Dick WC1M




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