RTTY Display

Problem: During this week-end RTTY contest I tried the RTTY position on my FT1000MP. I have been unable to reproduce the tuning sequence as described page 28 of the Manual. I only have a little arrow on the left side of the bar graph, never on the right side. So I cannot balance the mark and space frequencies. What could be wrong? Me, the settings or the rig ? It is worth to mention that this specific tuning help works well on CW and AM synchronous detection. Philippe ON5IP

Solution: Hi Philippe….I cannot make it work to my satisfaction either. I have a TNC and RTTY scope here and when I tune in a signal correctly using this equipment, then the MP tuning display favours the left side of the tuning display. I don’t find it much use or help. I will investigate further, but this is interesting. BTW I tried it on CW, and it worked beautifully, so now I learned something. Thank You VA3CR




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