Auto Tuner Hangs Up

Problem: Has anyone had the problem where pressing the auto tuner for tuning, the unit tunes but won't release the transmitter? I have to turn the rig off and then the unit resets so I can hear again. It seems the auto tuner goes
through tuning the antenna, turns of the transmitter, but won't release the PTT. WA1PMA

Solution: I found the problem was the lock button on the MD-100 had been in the locked on state. Must have been all the sunspots! Luckily the rig wasn't on when this button got pushed. Or was it? Anyway, I hope I can remember the scenario for the next time so I don't have to go through resetting all the functions and memory again.

Learn something new every day, now I just have to remember I "learned it!" Thanks again all. Wayne WA1PMA




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