FM Audio Settings

Problem: I went on 10 meters FM and I was talking to a ham in Portugal and he said that my signal strength was 40 db over but my audio was very low. I have never had this problem before so I asked one of my friends to listen to my audio. He is local to me and he said my audio was low to him also.
So I tried 10 meters ssb and my audio was perfect so the problem is on the fm side of things. could you please offer me some help to solve this problem I have on FM I have not had the radio long and I do not want to jump into the menu's and make matters worse than they are and really I don't know were to start to put this right on FM? Dougie 2E0LAK / M3LAK.

Solution: There is an FM gain adjustment under the top hatch. I turned the FM gain up under the top hatch on the top of the radio and I have to get close to the microphone when I talk. It's not as good as ssb but a lot better than it was. On page 59 of the manual it tells you about the FM mode and the fact the modulation level is less than one would be accustomed to on vhf due to the international regulations being a maximum deviation of +/- 2.5 KHZ.




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