Configuring the FT-1000MP for
USB-side Operation in the Packet Mode
for MARS Operation

Although the FT-1000MP’s Mode selection does not allow the use of USB-side injection during “PKT” (Packet) operation, it is possible, through Menu programming of the parameters of the “User” key, to configure the FT-1000MP for USB-side injection in the Packet operating mode for MARS use.


1. Enter the “Menu” mode by pushing and holding in the [FAST] key and then pushing the [ENT] key on the keypad momentarily.

2. Rotate the [MEM/VFO CH] knob to select Menu Item 8-6.

3. Now set up the parameters in each category shown below. These parameters will shift the various oscillators, while in the “PKT/LSB” mode, so as to place them at the frequencies they would be in if there were a dedicated “PKT/USB” mode. In effect, you are creating such a mode by using the “USER” key setup capability.

Mode Disp. Offset RX-PLL RX-CAR TX-PLL TX-CAR*
PKT LO +2.125 kHz +2.210 kHz 452.790 kHz +2.210 kHz 452.790 kHz

* Prior to Production Lot #05, the value for “TX CAR” could not be set below
456.300 kHz. For these earlier versions, the use of 456.300 kHz should still
produce entirely satisfactory results.

4. Push the [ENT] key momentarily to save your new settings and exit to normal operation. The “User” mode is now configured for pseudo-USB operation in the AFSK (Packet) operating mode.




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