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How to Adjust the RF Power Output

PROBLEM: I just swapped in a second FT-1000MP (98-era) that I purchased used a few months ago, but which I have never used until now. I discovered that it showed 147 watts output on 160 meters, where my other (97-era) 'MP maxed out just above the rated 100W!

With menu item 4-0 set to '100' watts, the max output is 147 watts.
With menu item 4-0 set to '50' watts, the max output is 80 watts.
With menu item 4-0 set to '10' watts, the max output is 14 watts.

1) Is there a known problem that this is a symptom of?

2) Is there a user adjustment that the previous owner might have made to juice the output?

My amplifier requires only 50 watts to make legal-limit output, and I normally operate my primary 'MP with 4-0 set to '50', so throttling back the drive will be natural for me. I'd still like to determine whether there is a problem building to a failure! 73, Jeff Maass K8ND

SOLUTION: Here is the excerpt from the technical manual to adjust RF Power Output:

* Preset the RF PWR control fully clockwise, and tune the transceiver to 14.2000 MHZ. Select CW mode, then key the transmitter and adjust VR3003 for 100 watts on the meter.

While you can adjust for more than 100 Watts, this is NOT RECOMMENDED)

* Move switch S3002 from 100W to the 50W position. Connect the in-line watt meter and 50Ohm dummy load to the antenna jack, select CW mode and tune to 14.2000MHz. Set the RF PWR control fully clockwise. Key the transmitter, and adjust VR3007 for 50W on the power meter.

* Recall menu function 4-0, and select 10W. Key the transmitter, and adjust VR3006 for 10W on the power meter. After adjustment, recall menu function 4-0, then select 100W. Move switch S3002 back to the 100W position.

Doug VA3CR




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