Adjusting Speech Processor

PROBLEM: I have a question for the reflector regarding the proper adjustment of my new 1000MP when using the speech processor. If I adjust it according to the procedure on page 37 of the owner's manual (use MIC control to set ALC, turn processor on, use PROC control to set db's of compression, use RF PWR control to reduce ALC to red line) by the time I have backed off the RF PWR control to get the ALC within limits the output power is down to about ten watts. As soon as I start to turn the PWR knob, the power begins to decrease and the ALC first increases, then turns around and reaches the red line with an output of ten watts. Settings for 100 watts output with the processor on are: MIC and PROC knobs about 10
o'clock and RF PWR full clockwise. This gives about 5 dB of processing and ALC about 2 ticks out of range.

"If you are referring to the half page insert on the thin paper that some folks got in thier manual, titled "Corrections to FT-1000MP EDSP Insert for Manual", I have it and can FAX or mail it to you, if you want it. My manual did not come with this insert, but was lucky enough to get it from a friend, Gary, W0TM. "If anyone else did not get this insert, you need it as the manual is incorrect on menu settings in 2-9, 4-4, 4-5, and 7-7. If Yaesu does not have it, let me know and I can FAX or mail it to you. Or perhaps this is already entered in to the archieves as a document. I don't remember."

===== The insert Lee mentions came with my manual, but the addendum that Ron, N7UR mentioned about the RF Pwr/ALC error on page 37 did not. The page 37 thing has cropped up before on this reflector, but this is the first time that someone has mentioned an addendum about it. Good info, Ron. Thanks.
73, de Earl, K6SE

When I first tried that procedure on page 37, I had the same results as Dave McGee did. Adjusting the RF power control to set up the processor didn't make any sense to me, especially when using the MP to drive my Alpha 76CA, so I decided the book procedure is in error. My final settings are Mic Gain at 9 o'clock, Proc at 11 o'clock, and RF Pwr as needed to drive the amp to full power. This works ok for me. 73, de Earl, K6SE

It probably varies between vintages. My '95 vintage MP had the RF Pwr control that was overly critical and required the subsequent mod. Problem corrected in later MP's. Check the archives and there should be some information on that.
In the instructions that accompany the RF Power mod, if find: Click here for this mod.
1. Set the mode switch to CW and adjust the output (i.e. 50 watts).
2. Set mode switch to SSB and processor off. Key transmitter and adjust microphone gain for proper ALC level on the ALC meter.
3. Press the processor switch to on. Set meter to COMP position and with transmitter keyed and modulated, adjust comp level on the meter for approximately 10 db.
NOTE: It is normal for the ALC reading to go above the top of the ALC zone intermittently. I personally find that if I'm adjusted within the ALC range with the processor off, turning the proc on with about 8 dbs doesn't seem to push anything out of range and power output stays as it should.
73 de Joel, W0JDJ




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