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Further Comments on 9-1 Menus The 9.x setting in the menu of the MP and the Mark V are not mentioned in
the Operating Manual, Technical Overview or Technical Supplement. However the Technical Supplement is very useful to learn more about your rig!

I found some details of the "hidden" menu:

Power off the MP. Hold down FAST, LOCK and ENT (on the keypad) while powering on the MP. Then, holding down FAST and ENT to enter the menus, including the extended 9.x menus.

I advise you to be very careful with some of the menus, e.g. 9-0 and 9-2. Always write down the standard settings, before you change them! First know what you are doing and what purpose you have changing the settings.

Menu's 9-0 Collins filter (scrolling menu, be careful to change this).

Menu's 9-1 IF Gain amplifiers (e.g. to be used with the INRAD IF-modification).

Menu's 9-2 TX IF Gain amplifiers (scrolling menu, be careful to change this).

Menu's 9-5 CPU version (e.g. 2.17) and CPU self check (MP flashes like a Christmas tree).

Menu's 9-6 Linear graph indicator.

Menu's 9-7 Setting to transmit the MP for so long and receive for so long in any mode or it will change mode automatically (handy for e.g. TVI-tests).

Menu's 9-8 Factory date of production; this can be changed manually! The serial number of your MP contains some information of the production date too. For example 0G350136 means 0 = the year 2000, G = the 7th month of the year (July), 50136 the actual serial number, while menu 9-8 shows 01021603! Both this information is very practical when you buy a second hand MP. I am not sure, but I think that 9-8 shows the production date of the software while the serial number shows the production date of the hardware.

Menu's 9-9 Extended TX frequencies. E.g. turn the MAIN VFO counter clockwise till you find “GEn”. For who uses his transceiver as a signal generator. I advise to use low power and to avoid outdoor antennas.

Don't forget to press the ENT switch to end the cycles. Please use this information at your own risk.
Hans Remeeus. PA1HR.





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