Using Filters in RTTY Mode

Problem: Has anyone on the list figured a way to select between the 500Hz (both IF's) and the 250Hz (both IF's) while in RTTY mode? It can be done while in CW but I would like this capability in RTTY as well.

Solution 1: It doesn't appear to be possible to configure the MK-V to select 2000/500/250 for RTTY like CW. I use the capability of my logging programs (DXLab/DXKeeper - for day-to-day operation and N1MM Logger for contesting) to select the filters. One could also use MP Filters by K6SE if the CAT port is not in use otherwise. This is an inexcusable design flaw by Yaesu but there has not been any hint of a "factory fix." It's probably not possible to change in existing radios ...73, ... Joe, K4IK

Solution 2: It is possible, I've done it in the limited case that I use sound card based RTTY software. I wanted to use the packet jack for the sound card hookup. I also wanted to use all my filters in PSK31 and RTTY. What I did which was go to the uSEr-Set (menu 8-6) and set mode, display offset etc to mimic upper sideband in the packet mode. In this mode you can select all filters and the packet jack audio input is activated. You are limited to USB so when operating on bands with LSB as the normal RTTY mode, I have to hit the reverse button in the TrueTTy the software I use. On PSK31 it works as normal USB like the software expects. One gets into the proper PKT mode by pushing in the PKT button and holding it until it flashes and the PKT and LSB lamps light up, but the rig is in USB which can be verified by tuning in a USB signal. If anyone is interested I could post my exact setting. John Passaneau W3JXP


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