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Serial Numbers - Decoding

Serial number format is YMLLUUUU where
Y is the last digit of the year,
M is the month with C = Jan, D = Feb and so on,
LL is the lot number (CPU is programmed by lot number & service bulletins
are also referenced by lot number, not date), and
UUUU is the unit number within the lot.
Barry - W4WB

Hi Barry I am having trouble reconciling 1 thing. When I go to menu item 9-8, (FAct-dAt) it comes up 951117c2, which I am assuming was when the radio was made, or at least programmed on Nov 17, 1995...I have no idea what the c2 is for. The Serial Number is 5L030119, which would seem to indicate it was made in October. Could it be that it was manufactured in October, but not programmed until November, small point, but it will surely come up after I post this.

You are exactly correct. The "hidden menu" date is the programming date completion. As I recall, the c2 refers to the CPU and SW version. I will verify this by digging through my notes (or do it the easy way tomorrow; I'm ask my tech since he is a certified Yaesu plus the other service tech. Nice having him on my staff should my gear go bad. hi hi). Also, Lot 00 seems always to go to the Japanese market and often Lots 01 and 02 too. I got the one of the first 80 FT-817s last year and it was Lot 03. One really nice feature of the MP is that you can select what band plan you want from the 9-menu. 73 de Barry

All Yaesu radios (not just the MPs) use the following scheme for serial numbers:

First digit = year manufactured ("7" = 1997)
Second character = month manufactured, beginning with "C" for January, "D" for February, etc.
Your radio was manufactured in January 1997. If Menu item 9-8 shows February 1997, that's apparently when factory testing and alignment was completed.73, de Earl, K6SE

Hello Jeff, here is the description for the two dates of the FT-1000MP

Serial No: 7 N 250 078

The first number is year the radio was actually made (7=1997)
The N is month made starting with January as C (N=December)
The 250 is batch number (250=Batch 25)
The 078 is serial number in that batch (078=78)

Thus the HARDWARE, not the mods made after manufacture, for this FT-1000MP was manufactured in December 1997 and is serial number 78 in batch 25.

I have heard that batch units are stored, and then just prior to shipping, known mods are put in. This mod date is what some think is in the menu 9-8. Please note that this is a changeable setting, so some other person may have changed it like a car mileage when sold as used, but probably can be trusted when bought new.

By turning the FT1000MP off, then holding the FAST and LOCK buttons in and turning the radio back on, the hidden 9-x menu options are available.....until you power off. To get into the hidden menu, Press and hold the FAST button, then press ENTER button. You will now find menu options in the 9.x range. Menu option 9-8 gives the date. By rotating the SUB receiver knob, you select date segments that then can be changed with the Main Vfo knob. Menu 9-5 gives a non changeable CPU version level.

My FT-1000MP has the following information: FT1000MP serial number: 7C170105 ( January of 1997) CPU Version level: 1.30 Menu 9-8 Date: 970214c2 (February 14, 1997) 73 from Bill - WD8ARZ




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