FT1000MP  & MarkV Interfaces







Using the Yaesu FT-1000MP for SSTV

About the only difference in the FT-1000MP and the FT-1000D as far as SSTV operation is the RF power output and the AF Out jack The fixed audio output on the MP is on the Tip of the 1/8 " stereo plug. The output is 200 mv @ 600 ohms. Some of the soundcard programs like a little higher level audio so I use a 600 ohm CT transformer connecter as an autotransformer to boost the level to 400 mV.

Mount the transformer in the center of the box. I use a dab silicone seal to glue the transformer to the box. The resistors are soldered directly to the pot. The patch-in and PTT jacks on back of the 1000MP are RCA phone plugs.




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