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FT1000MP and the ANC-4 by Timewave

Discovered a great way to use the JPS ANC-4 Noise Canceller with the FT-1000MP. You won't see this little gem explained in either manual, so print and save (use a fixed-pitch font such as Courier).

Yaesu FT-1000MP JPS ANC-4

          Yaesu FT-1000MP                         JPS ANC-4
+---------------------------------+     +----------------------------+
|    Ant   +13.8V  ---RX ANT---   |     | Main                 Noise |
|     A      DC    IN       OUT   |     | Ant     Radio   12V   Ant  |
+-----|-------|-----|--------|----+     +--|--------|------|-----|---+
      |       |     |        +-------------+        |      |     |
   To main    |     |                               |      |  To noise
   xmit ant   |     +-------------------------------+      |    ant
              |                                            |

With this arrangement, all you have to do is press the "RX Ant" button on the FT-1000MP to activate noise reduction through the ANC-4. You can use the ANC-4 at full QSK speeds, with no switching delays, because the FT-1000MP takes care of all T/R switching. No RF is ever sent through the ANC-4, except what is picked up by the Noise Ant line during transmit. The relays stay quiet. If you want to listen to the main antenna, with no noise reduction, just press the RX Ant button again, and you're back to listening on the transmit antenna. The circuit above effectively makes the "RX Ant" button on the FT-1000MP into an "ANC-4 In/Out" switch. Great for
line noise situations (such as mine).

Important tip: your noise antenna has to hear the same noise as your main antenna, within 10-20 dB, or the ANC-4 can't do its job. I use a low dipole on 20m -- works great. 73,Bob, N6TV




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