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Corrections to the CAT section of FT1000MP-MkV Manual by AI7W

I've written a compete rig control program for my FT1000MP-MkV. In doing so I had to find, and correct, all the errors in the 'CAT programming section' of the FT1000MP manual. (lots of hours involved in that project) I believe that I've found everything. What follows is long and very technical. If you don't have a strong interest in CAT programming you should probably just skip the rest of this message. Steve .. AI7W
p.s. I'm posting this message in the hope that it will be used to develop public domain software applications (freeware) for all to use.

FT1000MP Programming Notes:
The description of the 'Operating Frequency coding on page 91 is completely wrong What the manual describes is the method for encoding the frequency information to send to the radio. The data received from the radio is describe below. The frequency is returned in bytes 1-4 for VF0 A and 17-20 for VFO B. (assumes byte 0 is the first byte received). It is returned as a binary value. To convert to a frequency you must convert the value of these 4 bytes to their decimal value and divide by 16. (or 1600 to place the decimal point).
Bytes 1-4 in hex may return 01 5C 43 90 hex. This converts to {22823824}
decimal. Divide by 16 produces {1426489} for a frequency of 14.264.89 Mhz.

This also applies to memory channel frequency information

This is a binary shift right-byte. Example:
29.999.99 results in 02 DC 6B F0 hex {47999984 decimal} shift right one byte
and you have 00 2D C6 BF hex {2999999 decimal})

The description of the 'Clarifier coding' on page 92 is partly wrong. A more accurate description follows: RIT offset information is read using the command string "00 00 00 03 10 hex" it is returned in bytes 5 and 6. Positive offset is represented by a value of less that 8000 hex (32768 decimal) and a negative offset is a value greater than 8000 hex (32768 decimal). For positive values convert the binary value to decimal and multiply by .625. For negative values drop the MSB (mask 8000 hex) (in decimal, subtract from 65536) and multiply by .625.

The last description on page 92 says 'IF Filter Selection Byte (8)'. That byte is described in the previous section. It should read 'Clarifier, RPT, ANT Status Byte (9)'. The bit order is reversed in this section instead of bits 0-7 is should be 7-0.

On Page 94:
The row labeled 'VFO/MEM' should have 'K' in the 3rd parameter byte instead of '-'. The row labeled 'A/B' in the description '(V=01H)' switches between VFO A and B. I can't figure out what '(V=00H)' does.

On Page 96 the row labeled 'BANDWIDTH 2nd & 3rd IF filter selection' is completely wrong. The description that follows is accurate Filter Selection: The opcode and parameter bytes to change filter selection is [X1] 00 00 [X4] 8C hex where X1 and X4 represent.

VFO A 8.2Mhz VFO A 455Mhz VFO B 455Mhz
X1=01 X1=02 X1=00
Filter X4 Filter X4 Filter X4
Thru 04 6.0 04 6.0 04
2.4 00 2.4 00 2.4 00
2.0 01 2.0 01 2.0 01
500 02 500 02 500 02
250 03 250 03 250 03

Steve .. AI7W



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