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Using Menu 4-2 to Create bEEP-Tun

Problem: Turning on bEEP-tun produces no/little tone. Adjusting tuning indicator pot produces no results.

Solution: The beep vol VR3001 on the bottom of the unit is the injection level of the tones into the received audio before the tuning meter circuitry. If you are trying to set the tuning meter on Page 85 of the manual, this pot has to be turned up most all the way to get enough level to complete the adjustment. Conversely, if you are trying to set the tuning meter for CW, the "CW
Sidetone Trimmer" on the back of the unit must be turned up to perform the procedures.  For both procedure, you will need to disconnect the antenna to reduce the noise floor to make these adjustments. Courtesy of Glenn Valenta.



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