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Mark V Clarifier Problem:

Problem: Perhaps some of you have experienced the well known clarifier problem, where as you adjust the clarifier, the frequency suddenly jumps greatly, rather than smoothly, sometimes even reversing in direction.

Solution: The disassembly of the radio, the removal of the encoder, the cleaning or replacement of the encoder, and final reassembly of the radio may be possibly avoided. It is possible to cause the contacts within the encoder to clean themselves, by rapidly spinning the encoder shaft.

A reversing battery operated variable speed drill, with a keyless chuck, maybe attached to the encoder shaft after removing the encoder knob. Use some finesse as you gently attach the chuck, then rotate the encoder in one direction at medium speed for about 60 seconds, stop, reverse the drill's direction, and rotate in the opposite direction for 60 seconds. This cycle may be repeated once or twice.

This procedure cleared the problem totally, with a couple of cycles of encoder shaft spinning. I wasn't looking forward to replacing or repairing that encoder, this seems like a good procedure to try before a major repair effort. It took only several minutes to accomplish. Don't put up with a jumping encoder control.

If you have the problem, please let me know if this procedure worked for you. Mike Schatzberg WB2AJI



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