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Key Clicks and the Mark V Field

Hello from Gary NL7Y in Fairbanks, AK. Here's my tentative thoughts regarding the Yaesu key-click issue. I'm on my second Mark-V, the first was a used 2001 production 200W version, and the current is a Field model. I like both. The first blew up some stuff in in the output (tuner/finals/?), and that was apparently a common occurrence in some early models. According to Burghardt (Jim via phone), Yaesu was aware of the problem, but neglected to address the issue until it started to cost them $$$$ in warranty repairs. Contact Burghardt or Yaesu for details if you're so inclined. The current 200W models are apparently better, and the older ones are repairable. I returned mine to the selling dealer (The Ham Station - also an honest dealer) for a used equipment warranty refund, via Yaesu repair Service, and exchanged it for the Field model.

I have the Inrad click mod ready to install, plus their roofing filter in the Field model. So, for the heck of it I just called Yaesu Service Support and was told that:

1. Installing the Inrad click mod would not void my warranty if properly done. The "Inrad stuff was good";

2. Yaesu addressed the key click issue in mid 2004 as referenced in an internal Service bulletin (number not available - I asked) read to me by the support technician, and;

3. Owners experiencing problems with their rigs need only return their unit to Yaesu for repair or upgrades. I didn't ask if it was a warranty item.

I guess this means a "factory" fix is available, and interested Hams should contact Yaesu and see what Yaesu can do to help their customers. I'll likely not install the Inrad mod unless someone finds out something to the contrary. GL. 73 Gary

Addendum: Someone forwarded some very good news from Burghardt Radio. I only wish Yaesu would publish the S/N's this is effective for. Better late than never! 73, Bill W4ZV

Yes, recently Yaesu did install what is the equivalent of the Inrad CW keying mod in their new radios coming off the line. Can't tell you serial number change but it has been done on the ones coming off the line now. We have been installing it in all of our used ones for quite some time. 73 James C Smith (W0MJY) Burghardt Amateur Center sales at





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