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Mark V Power Supply Problem

Problem: After putting up new beam, my MK V starting cutting in and out. I  turned it off and let it rest and tried again; same results. I noticed  the power supply  power light, turning on and then dimming off. It has been hot in the shack, so I tried it last night in cooler weather and it did the same thing right during a PSK QSO.  I did find the schematic on the net, but will see what comments I get before tearing into it. 
Jim, K6UUW

Solution: I had a similar problem. Exactly as you described it would dim the power supply. It was one of the Power Amps in the Mark V that went.  Try disconnecting the supply from the Mark V and see if the supply light goes back to normal if it does it will be fine, if not more than likely the PA has died. Stu MM0BSM



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