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RFI Problem with FT1000MP Mark V

Problem: I have a Yaesu FT1000MP MKV which has had ALL mods done to it (PIN diodes in the rcvr front end to clean up the noisy receiver). The problem is that when my 2 meter/450 dual band rig was keyed up with more than about 10 watts output, the FT1000MP MKV would shut down (and then wake up after a couple of seconds--with the memory functions on the mk V inoperative). To get it to operate correctly again, I would have to do a memory reset on the MK V. Kirby, W7SV

Solution: While at Dayton this year, I mentioned that I was having this problem to my friend Butch W4HJL, from Manassas, VA. Butch said that he thought that he had some big clip-on ferrite RFI beads that would probably solve the problem and that he would send me some. They arrived today and I am happy to report that after snapping one onto each end of the dc power cable going from the FP-29 to the Mark V, that the problem is ABSOLUTELY fixed!!! (Even at power levels on the vhf/uhf rig of over 100 watts out!!)

A big hats off to Butch for this the MARK V really lives up to its reputation!!

Kirby, W7SV



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