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Mpcw4Win - CW Memory Keyer Program for the FT1000MP, Courtesy of Earl, K6SE

Download the Latest Version of this Program Updated Dec 22nd, 2001

Overview: Mpcw4Win is a Windows-based CW memory keyer program for the FT-1000MP and Mark V. When the program is running (the on-screen display resembles the Yaesu FH-1 remote control keypad)

Instructions: Access "Help" for instructions on using the program. When you run the program, it looks for the radio on Com ports 1 thru 4 and when it finds it, it displays the MPfilter screen on the computer. If your Com ports are on any non-standard IRQs, I believe that Windows takes care of that, but I may be wrong. Just make sure that no other device is sharing the same Com port on your computer that your radio is connected to.

Installation: To install Mpcw4Win: 1) Using a Windows-based PKZip program, unzip to an empty folder. 2) Access the folder that the unzipped files are in and click on the Setup.exe icon. 3) Follow the on-screen instructions to complete the installation.

Operation: To run Mpcw4Win 1) Connect your radio's CAT jack to a Com port on your computer. Up to 12 feet of serial cable may be safely used between the radio and the computer. 2) Power up the radio (the program won't find it unless the radio is turned on). 3) Find "Mpcw4Win" on your Windows Start Menu and click on it. 4) The Mpcw4Win display will appear on the computer screen, ready to use. If, for some reason, the program could not find the radio, a message will appear on the computer screen saying, "I couldn't find the FT-1000MP on Com ports 1, 2, 3 or 4".

Notes: on use the program: 1) To minimize Mpcw4Win (it still runs in the background), click on the "_" symbol on the Menu bar. 2) To move the Mpcw4Win display to a different part of the computer screen, right-click on the Menu bar and move the mouse while holding its right-click button down. 3) For more info on using Mpcw4Win, click on the "Help" button at the
top-left of the MPfilters diplay and select "Contents". 5) To exit the program, click on the "X" symbol on the Menu bar of the
Mpcw4Win display

Uninstall: If, for any reason you want to un-install Mpcw4Win: 1) From the Windows Start Menu, select "Settings", then select "Control Panel". 2) In the Control Panel, click on the "Add/Remove Programs" icon. 3) Find "Mpcw4Win" on the displayed list of installed programs and select it. 4) Click on the "Add/Remove" command button to un-install the program. Some requesters asked if Mpcw4Win could be used simultaneously with contest logging software such as TR Log, CT, etc. I don't see how this is possible if the logging software also uses the radio's CAT port. If you have a method to do this, however, please share the details with us all.

Mpcw4Win has been thoroughly tested with both my Desktop 500 MHz computer and my laptop 233 MHz computer on my FT-1000MP. I could find no "bugs", but maybe you can. Please let me know how you like Mpcw4Win. If you find any "bugs" or have suggestions for improvement in the program, send me an e-mail to .

Please feel free to share Mpcw4Win with others. 73, de Earl, K6SE