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Overview:: A number of users of my old MSDOS-based FT-1000MP memory utility program,
MPMEM, urged me to write a Windows version of the same program. Well, I finally did it!

MpMem version 1.0 for Windows is now being released as freeware, and will work with both the "old" MP and the new Mark V on Com ports 1 thru 16. It's a vast improvement over the popular DOS version, IMO.

The DOS version was popular because the radio's 113 memory channels (99 regular, 9 PMS, and 5 QMB) could be saved to disk files and the data from the disk files could be reloaded into the radio in case of loss of the radio's memory due to a memory reset or backup battery failure. Reprogramming the memories manually might take hours.

Also, users of the old MPMEM could use their DOS text editors to edit the saved data files to include comments for each memory channel. They could also edit operating parameters stored in the disk file which was a very tedious and error-prone process.

It's no longer necessary to go to DOS and edit the data files with the Windows version of MpMem. The editing process has been significantly streamlined, with the task being done much easier and faster, and without having to access the disk files. Editing is now all done "on-line" while MpMem is running. It has a built-in text editor to add and edit comments for each memory channel. The comments can be almost limitless in size and are always displayed on-screen along with their associated operating parameters.

As well as the comments editor, MpMem includes an "on-line" memory data editor which can be used to change the operating parameters stored in each memory channel. Changes are easily made to memory channel operating parameters, including masking and unmasking memory channels, and are immediately loaded into the radio's memory and seen on the computer

All editing, both comments and memory data editing, does not require access to the disk files that MpMem creates to store memory channel data, thereby eliminating the danger of "trashing" the stored data by erroneous direct manual editing of those files as was done using the DOS version of the program.

73, de Earl, K6SE

Updated to Version 4.0