Solution for Receive Audio Failure

Problem: Has anyone experienced a total lack of receive signal with the 1000MP, as this happened to me on two occasions in the recent ARRL SSB Contest. It only occurs when the EDSP filtering is in use, and switching off the rig for a few seconds then back on > brings it back to "life". This would appear to indicate some sort of "poor connection" or w.h.y., but where and what exactly? The receiver works fine with the EDSP "off", but the failure happened on at least two occasions with the EDSP "on". Switching bands had no affect, the only way to clear the fault > was to hit the on/off button. Anyone know if this has been documented anywhere? Steve GW4BLE

Solution: I got many replies to check the squelch and RF gain etc. but it took many, many months to figure this out and it was a poor connection with the external speaker plug. Not in the rig but on the speaker cord. I had one of those adapters that went from 1/8 mini phone plug to RCA and then a RCA "Y " connector. It seems that only when EDSP was on the problem would occur. It first happened about 2 years ago then 10 months no problem. Happened at FD and I removed all peripherals and hooked them up again and all was FB. It was when I was moving the rig to the new shack that I was able to duplicate the problem.. Got rid of the adapter and "Y" and just use a good patch cord from the rig to SP-8 and it is solid. Your switching the rig off and on again could be just enough movement to make the connection work again. I did the same. Kicking the bench works too. :-) 73 Norm, W3IZ

Question: Stupid question but any chance the squelch control has found it's way close to threshold? I remember being embarrassed with that issue many years ago with a TS-440. My first radio with a squelch control :-) Paul VE3SY

Solution: I have had several similar experiences with my 1000MP. It occurs when I powered ON following a power OFF while the RX DSP was switched in. Upon powering ON, there is either (a) no rx audio out, or (b) a "motoboating" oscillatory audio output. Swtiching the DSP to OFF results in proper audio output, although the problem returns when the DSP button is again depressed. Simply powering OFF/ON with DSP OFF appears to provide a reset that resolves the problem. This is a relatively rare event and has not been of great concern to me, but it has occurred approximately a half-dozen times or so over the last few years. 73,




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