Problem: Low Headphone Audio

I have an FT1000MP (not a mark V) that requires that the AF control be turned way up to get some decent audio to the headphones. Is there a mod out there to correct this or is any one using an audio amp between the rig and headphones?

Solution:  Ed Note by VA3CR: I installed the 200 ohm speakers myself for about $10.00 plus shipping from Heil sound, and turned up the audio level control trim pots as outlined in the suggestions below, and I find quite an improvement to the headphone audio. Here is an email from Bob Heil which you might find helpful:

" Simply turn up the AF gain !! I have an early 1000 in the lab. The situation is simple - you answered it...it IS a Yaesu problem. They so nicely (?) put two 100 ohm resistors in series with the headphone jack output. How stupid! If you are handy with a soldering iron and flat pack technology, it is easy to jumper those out. Then it becomes normal. In the meantime, simply crank up the gain.

The fact of the matter is that every 1000MP that I have encountered works fine at about 3/4 open. I did bite the bullet...spent a lot of money - redesigned the speakers with a 200 ohm....VERY efficient speakers that do help a bit. If you would like to send you headsets back, please go to our web site
www.heilsound.com  click on and print the RED "REPAIR DEPT" box. enclose that fully filled out sheet with a check for $ 30.00....plus $ 11.00 UPS return and we will get your new speakers installed. I appreciate your support and always know I am here to help you. Always best to call me on these issues.73 BOB HEIL, K9EID

There were three other suggestions to resolve the low audio:

1: Lift up the top hatch on top of the rig and adjust the audio level for the headphones. (See the Manual)

2: Install the factory mod to address this. It requires some surface mount type resistors to be changed.

3: Check to see if my headphones are 50 or 200 ohms. You can get replacement earpieces from Heil.
I tried #1 above as it was the easiest. Sure enough I had a quarter turn available in the pot under the hatch. This really improved things. This was all explained in the manual as it turned out.




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