RTTY Problem with Split Audio

PROBLEM: Some time ago, I posted an observation that the RX out pin on the MP's RTTY DIN connector only carried the main RX audio, and that I considered it a real annoyance that I could not select the sub-RX audio for
printing. My thought was that it was a disadvantage when operating split pileups. Some respondents sniffed that it was no biggie to them.

SOLUTION: Don, W5FKX, one of the rabid RTTY crowd from down New Orleans way--and one of the organizers of the annual NOIDXC bash in August--shared with me his technique--he splits his speaker output between the speaker and his PK232. I don't use the speaker much, but Don's comments tripped the right neurons.
The MP's "AF OUT" jack--the stereo mini-jack next to the EXT SPKR jack on the rear deck (#14 on pp19-20 of the manual) carries both channels, and at a constant 200 mV level, compared to 100 mV for the single-channel output in the DIN jack. Moreover, they are--I believe--nominal 600 ohm outputs, and so can be readily combined. I rooted around and came up with a stereo mini-to-twin-RCA cable, an RCA "Y" and an RCA-to-mono-mini which I plugged into the Sound Blaster microphone input (I run K6STI RTTY with the Blaster). I set the Blaster's input level to 62 dB.
Appears to work like a charm! Now to find the ZL9. BTW, I note that my CW tuning indicator does not appear to function--but does work on RTTY. The end arrows light but I get no segments lighting, even on pretty good CW levels.
This is the second malfunction I have observed. The first is opto encoder noise in the audio output when the sub-RX knob is turned with the rig in DUAL mode, but with the sub-RX in standby. Garry Shapiro, NI6T




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