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Slow Display

Problem: A number of users have reported that their display takes 15 seconds or more to fully come on.

Solution:  According to Yaesu: "The technical explanation is that there is some protection built in to avoid pushing the display to full blast from a very cold start which would result in a shorter life span for the display. It appears to be a normal event for a lot of owners, and as long as the display comes on full power eventually, it is probably "normal".

Problem: Last week I went on vacation, after my return, when I turned on the radio, for the first time ever the display was blank for a few seconds. Then the radio worked normally.

Solution/Comments: The problem of delayed turn on of the display appears to me to be directly related to how long the radio has been turned off. At times I may not use my MP for a week or more and when I power it up I might have to wait as long as 5 seconds for the display to light up. If only powered down overnight, the display comes on immediately the next morning. It does not seem to be related to whether the antenna is connected to the radio or not because during those extended periods of power off the antenna is connected to a different radio (and not to the MP). I'm not at all concerned about this and just write it off as one of those nuisance things. Earl, K6SE

If the display does not come up at all, see Display Failure



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