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Low Power on Higher Bands


Problem: Need Help with low power out on the higher bands

Now I need your help. I am having trouble with my FT1000MP. Here is my current power out into a dummy load
160 100watts
80 100watts
40 50watts
30 30watts
20 20watts
17 25watts
15 35watts
12 40watts
10low 20watts
10high 20watts
I have done a full reset of the radio sub-29-ent, RF Power knob is fully clockwise, Menu item 4.0 is set for 100, have checked Menu Items 9-2 tif-gain for settings in the 6 - 7 range,

Solution: Repair was required. Technician replaced 2 2SC3133 driver transistors, corrected a connector on LPF, and balanced the unit. Cost was $189.00 CDN including taxes from Radioworld. Time to fix....3 days.




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