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FT1000MP Transmit Problems

PROBLEM: Just put the station back together for WPXSSB and I noticed that Radio 1 WILL NOT transmit! It will not transmit on cw, ssb, rtty and the DVP plays but no audio on the radio. I have tried with and without the footswitch, paddle, keyer, etc. and nothing works. I have done a CPU master reset TWICE to no avail. The radio worked fine in ARRLSSB then it was shutoff and not reconnected until today. The radio was completely disconnected from everything in between contests.This must be a simple thing but I have no idea what to try next.  Bob KQ2M

SOLUTION: You mention that you had the station broken down (disconnected). And, you also mention, "no audio." Seems to point to not having the antenna connected. I had one similar failure early on in a late model FT-1000MP after having moved the radio on and off line several times. Seems Yaesu used solid wire on the feed from the little antenna switching board up to the two coax connectors on the back of the radio. One of then (to the "A" antenna connector, as I recall) had broken away from the circuit board. I replaced both lines to the connectors with stranded wire (shield wire from some RG-58) and never again had a problem. Look at your lines there and be sure that even if the lines appear unbroken that it is not a problem with the foil on the little circuit board. This is an easy fix -- took me only a few minutes and the problem has never returned. Bill, WA9MXQ

PROBLEM: My FT1000MP was working fine until today. For some reason will not go into Transmit (SSB or CW). Tried MOX as well. Receive is fine. A minute minute or so after clicking mike button a few times the rig will go into transmit (power output is ok) but will not go back to receive (have to switch off power). Tried Master CPU reset, still will not switch into transmit? Ken VA3KA

SOLUTION: Problem solved. It was caused by Writelog which I was using for the VHF Sprint tonight and did not see it was asserting the COM port attached to the FT1000MP! Ken VA3KA

OTHER SOLUTIONS: PTT line is active (grounded) There are three reasons:

1. external device plugged to PTT on rear panel or in front to MIC jack.
2. broken MOX knob (if you use it very often)
3. some transistors inside MP which connected to PTT line


Radio Won't Transmit

Problem: Turned the Radio on this morning, and it wouldn't transmit.

Solution: Interesting problem and solution. If the MOX button is accidentally pushed in while the radio is off, and then you turn it back on, then it will not go into Transmit Mode. Solution is to turn MOX off by pressing the MOX button and letting it out.



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