Problem: DVS-2 Stops Working or Won't Retain Memories

Click Here for Pictorial of Battery Change by PA1HR

Solution: These symptoms are likely due to the battery needing replacement. In a couple of instances, the diode next to the battery needs replacement too. (Not sure why) Thanks to N3OZD, he called Yaesu and ordered the parts and did the installation. The part numbers for the battery and the diode are as follows.

Battery Q9000540 (This is a CR2032 with tabs)
Diode G2090118 Original Number - No Longer Used.
G2090642 New and current replacement part number.

The total charge including shipping was $7.08. I felt like that was fair enough.

To install, you must remove the rubber foot nearest the cable to the radio, and there is a screw to remove. You then split the DVS-2 case in half (be gentle). Then remove the circuit board from the top part of the case (there is a white 18 pin socket that comes apart). Then unsolder the battery and the diode D1005 off of the circuit board and solder in the two new parts. Reassemble the unit. Make sure the radio is off. Turn it on, then reset the DVS-2. It should work.

Tom, N3OZD reports "It was easy and best of all, it worked!"




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