Intermittent RX Antenna Jack

Problem: I'm having a weird problem. The receive antenna jack is becoming intermittent. The signal goes from normal to heavily attenuated, then back to normal seemingly randomly. The switching to the attenuated state and back is silent (no relays heard), and happens approx. every 5 to 10 minutes. When it's in the attenuated state, I can pull the cable out of the jack, then push it back in which restores the signal. I suspect maybe a relay is sticking,
or a component in the receive antenna input circuit is failing. BTW, I have changed rx antennas and feed lines to eliminate possibility of problems with the antenna. The problem is independent of the antenna used. The jack itself seems to be solid. Wiggling the connector makes no difference unless you pull it out and replace it. AA4NC

Solutions: Same problem.. Found a bad solder connection on the small pc board adjacent to the coax connectors. Reflowed the connection and all is well. Denny WB8K

I had the same problem with my Antenna A jack. There is a small circuit board that the center wire of the jack attaches to. The wire is solid rather than braided. Any movement of the jack transmits force to the point where
the wire is soldered to the board. That connection broke loose removing a tiny part of the board with it. Yaesu replaced the board and resoldered the connection. This could be what is happening with your unit but with an
incomplete break. Norm K9NSN

I had a similar problem last summer. Receive on main VFO would go to nothing. It happened before field day then went away. then it happened about six time during the beginning of FD then no problem the entire weekend. I sent the rig to Yaesu & $100 and 4 weeks later they said "aligned to factory specs". Not a problem since. Norm




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