FT1000MP Problem Programming Memories

Question: I think I am missing something here. I have tried to follow the procedure for programming memory channels on my 1000MP but each time I follow the instructions in the manual it always ends the same. No memory saved and the the MEM/VFO/CH knob does not vary from the channel that is currently in the memory channel window. Obviously I am doing something wrong. Is there something lost in the translation from Japanese to English that I should be made aware of or am I just doing something wrong?  Joe KK4TR

Solution: Joe, you're not going to believe this, but turn the FAST button off and try it. You should be pleasantly surprised. It drove me nuts for months until I stumbled across the combination. Apparently, from some of the other list members' responses, it's not the same in all MP's. I certainly have never seen it in the manual.

Notes: My MP memory works the same with or without the "FAST" button on or off -- no difference. Bruce AA4Z

VA3CR Note: If you go to the software section you can download MpMm a great memory manager program for the MP and the Mark V. This is freeware by AI7W




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