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Problem: When I switch on the radio, all setting are lost

I noticed an uncommon behaviour on my FT-1000MP... When I switch off the radio and turn it on again all the settings are lost. Both VFOs are on 7.000.00, EDSP off, monitor off, PROC off, filters on 2.4, antenna A, S meter on ALC etc.... Menu settings remain unchanged. I think the last settings should remain in memory, they were in the past. What I am doing wrong?
Robert, S57AW

Solution: Battery is replaced. The original (first) one - 3V SONY battery lasted just about 1 year. After battery replacement (3V Renata from HB9) radio works perfectly again. I hope it will be sufficient for another year :-) TNX for help & CU ! Robert, S57AW

It's the BATTERY. Good luck - funky behavior just like the display - some have it, some don't. My first battery in my old MP lasted over 5 yrs. The next one lasted a few weeks, The next one lasted a few months. Then I got a MARK-V - Stock battery only lasted a couple of weeks. New one lasted a couple of weeks, then quit. - BUT A COUPLE OF WEEKS LATER IT CAME BACK TO LIFE! Worked again for a few weeks, and now it's back to NOT working....
John - WA9ALS - VP5RY - VP5/WA9ALS




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