Shuttle Jog Tuner Won't Centre

Problem: I recently purchased a FT-1000 MP Field from HRO in Atlanta and exchanged the rig because the shuttle jog ring switch would not detent back to the home position. HRO sent me a second rig and it has the same problem. Both rigs were new out of the box. The problem occurs when the ring switch is rotated CCW and the switch does not return back to it's centered position. The frequency keeps shifting down. The problem is intermittent and is most noticeable when operating CW, AM or RTTY. The cause appears to be the improper position of the encoder switch. With the jog ring sitting in the centered position the switch is off center to the right and starts tuning down in frequency. If anyone has heard of this problem before and has any suggestions for a solution I'd appreciate an email. NS9R

Solution: The MFJ-434 voice keyer with jumpers in the factory default position (Yaesu) caused my FT1000MP to intermittently change frequency always going down...like it was scanning. At first, Burghardt and I thought it was just an adjustment in the shuttle jog. After the second trip, when Burghardt couldn't find anything wrong with it, we got on the phone together and decided it had to be something connected to the radio. The only thing new, was the voice keyer. After I got the radio back, disconnected the voice keyer stopped the frequency change. A call to MFJ resulted in the receipt of an Addendum to the Manual version 2A which has you changing some jumpers from the default Yaesu position. Apparently some Yaesu's have mike pins 2 and 5 grounded while others have +5 volts on pin 2 and pin 5 grounded.

Anyway, since changing the pins per the addendum, I have no more problems. BTW, the service at Burghardt is all it's cracked up to be. Great folks and they're getting my business. If anyone needs fills on the MFJ instructions, just let me know. I didn't try and track how this could happen with the schematics, I just wanted it fixed. 73, Bill, KE5OG




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