High SWR Light

SYMPTOM: KT4P The "HIGH SWR" light started to come on, and the SWR LED's would indicate full scale ... output of course dropped. Took the amp off line, still showed the problem ... pulled the bandpass filters off line, problem still there Now, into the 50 ohm DL ... still shows the problem seems to show ONLY on 12m and 10m ... output on the other bands transmit seem normal receive seems normal also.

SOLUTION: In the heat of a recent contest, I encountered the same symptoms. It was later the following week I discovered that the MP is so "talented" it ALSO remembers the antenna selected along with band, mode, frequency, etc. The bottom line: In two instances, I had unintentionally "memorized" settings on 12 and 10 meters with the "B" antenna selected (to which I have nothing connected). That was the sum total of my "failure". I had long forgotten that depressing the band selector button once returns you to where you were last operating, while depressing it TWICE recalls some setting forgotten long ago!



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