Antenna Tuner Stops

PROBLEM: Right in the middle of chasing a RTTY dx station on 10 meters my tuner quit. I was driving an amp with low drive, maybe 20 watts. I normally have a low SWR from MP to amp and a low SWR on antenna. I normally leave the tuner in the line as I need it to tune the input of the amp on WARC. All of a sudden I noticed no output from the amp and saw no drive. The MP SWR meter show infinite SWR. I clicked off the tuner and the meter showed a normal 1.2 to 1 to the amp and I had output again. The tuner would not tune and would eventually just time out with the high SWR light. I finally worked the dx station and thinking that somehow I exceeded the tuner memories I did a reset but no joy. Same problem. Then all of a sudden the tuner resumed working and now all back to normal. As I usually don't think stuff fixes itself without a reoccurrence, I expect it to happen again. Any ideas what's going on here? W9OL

SOLUTION: Had the same problem a few weeks ago with my 1000MP. Infinite SWR and when tuning the tuner timed out with the high SWR light. Switched the rig off and on and all was ok. Never had this problem again...maybe a relay or something hung? DL1EIO




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