Synchronous AM Reception

While listening to a favorite SW station I recently observed the following:

Reducing the RF gain on a correctly tuned AM station with synchronous detection activated results in a marvelous improvement in sound fidelity. The AM tuning indicator shows a locked state as opposed to fluctuating between locked and unlocked states when the RF gain is higher. If the RF gain is too low an audio tone that sounds like QRM develops after a few minutes. The unwanted sound can be eliminated by advancing the RF gain slightly but so that the tuning indicator still shows a locked state.

I have emailed Yaesu/VS tech support for comments which I will forward to you. The Mark V is a great rig for SWLers who have been bitten by the ham bug. We can listen to our old favorites and chase DX.

Ken Stover, KB1FRP sundance03@att.net



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