Recommended Settings for PSK31 by N8ME

The ALC setting on PSK31 is very critical. The reason that you don't want any ALC reading is that if your transmitter clips the signal at all, it will cause distortion and widen the signal bandwidth which is not what you want. Here's a technique that I use with PSK31 that seems to work well. (Into a dummy load, of course) I set up the transmitter output level to max. I then put the PSK31 program into transmit mode, but not sending any characters (i.e. idle transmit). I adjust the input signal level until I get max power out (should be about 100w with the 1000MP). Then I back off the input signal level until I get about 1/3 the power out (i.e. 33 watts). When typing the PSK31 signal will be 50% higher than when idle so you have really about 50 watts out on peaks. I then reduce the transmitter output level to set the actual power I want. I don't touch the input signal level.

Also, be sure that speech processing is off. On the MP, I would also disable any TX equalization.

Hope the helps and hope to see you on PSK31, Mark, N8ME




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