Receiving in stereo on the 1000MP

I have a hearing problem and find that some SSB signals are nearly impossible to understand, due to to conditions, interference, or the individual station. I have tried a number of solutions using various speakers and many settings on the MP. I even tried a small inexpensive equalizer - but, it was severely effected by transmitted signals (read - RF got into it). But, the simplest combo sat in a corner waiting to be thrown out with the trash. It was an old set of Sound Blaster speakers for use with a long-gone computer.

To make the story very short: These particular speakers have internal amplifiers and are powered with a wall-wart. They use a mini tip-ring-sleeve plug that plugs into the "A" Phones jack on the MP. Using menu 4-8, set the unit to StErEo-2. This will allow you to listen to both receivers at the same time using both AF GAIN controls (the inner for the main receiver and the outer for the sub-receiver).

One example of use: Tune to whatever frequency you plan to receive on - using the MAIN VFO-A. Press the A>B making the same exact frequency appear on the SUB VFO-B. Push the DUAL button. Now adjust the volume controls (inner and outer as indicated) as needed for comfortable listening. You should notice a slight diversity effect.

Comments: I keep the speakers on my desk about three (3) feet apart. The effect of stereo is fantastic for clearing up muddy SSB signals. Muddy being defined as too bass, to filled with QRM, lots of QRN. I have not tried it on CW yet.

Drawback: None of the wonderful DSP filters work on the sub-receiver (cheap Yaesu!!). Of course, sometimes, this will actually enhance your receiving (good Yaesu!!). I have thought about placing an outboard DSP unit on the sub-receiver audio line - something to be tried at a later time.

There is no doubt that the 1000MP is the best piece of ham equipment yet! I have reviewed many rigs in various magazines over the years - so my statement is not lightly made. I can make no stronger comment. W2BLC


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