FT1000MP General Coverage Transmit

Turn the radio with the FAST and the LOCK key pressed at the same time.

Press the FAST and the ENT key to access the menu. then go to menu 9-9 and set it to GEN then press ENT to get out.

To get it back to normal repeat the steps and select uSA instead of GEN.

You can also turn ON the radio with FAST and LOCK keys depressed which enables further menu items. (menu items 9-1 to 9-9)

Note: you still use FAST and ENTER to enable normal menu mode.

UPDATE: Lou, W7JI discovered that the above didn't work for him. He contacted factory support and they told me to reset back to factory spec's by hold SUB + 29 + ENT while turning on the rig. It worked but you have to reset all your personal menu values.





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