How to Clear all the Tuner Memories and Optimize the FT1000MP Antenna Tuner

Hit the tune button 39 times and your tuner memories are full. Think of these "tune button" settings as dots on the curve. The MP will fill in between the dots using a straight-line extrapolation method. When you are tuning around with the tuner on, you will sometimes see the little "wait" light come on. That's the tuner extrapolating. I cover 40 meters with 4, 80 with 7, 160 with 5, 10 with 5, the other bands with 3. the three points are low swr point, 2/3 of way from there to high end, and 2/3 of way from there to low end. The one in the middle might not need tuning per se (it could be 1:1), but it tells the tuner where the swr curve reverses direction and to start extrapolating with the "dot" for the other end of the band. Joe K2XX


How to clear all the memories:
Press SUB and ENT together then POWER on the radio. (Manual Page 102)
The will reset the tuner memories (and all other memories) but it will not reset the menu settings.

Suggestions on Tuner Settings
You do not have to run TUNE for the antenna tuner every time you change bands. It remembers tuner settings 39 times. It is suggested that you use TUNE only two times for each band -- once for the low end (CW) and once for the high end (SSB). The tuner does a good job of tracking between these two memorized settings. If you do this, you will never fill up the 39 tuner memories again. Earl, K6SE

Scanning Memories - Tip by WD8ARZ

There are many interesting features on the FT-1000MP, and many of them are explained well in the owners manual...... but not all of them. The situation I am about to describe will be found in new FT-1000MP's and those that have had the memory reset.

On page 47 of the owners manual, Memory Features are explained. The chart shows the standard 100 memories, the Quick Memory Bank, and the scanning memories P1-P9. Page 51 covers the Scanning Features, and the bottom left of page 52 starts the interesting section, scanning between frequencies.

I followed the instructions time after time and could not get it work..... in fact I could not even get the P1-P9 memory selections to even display or to pull up at all....so how could I put information into them? I was about to reset my entire rig and try again but I decided to read the manual again looking for something I had missed.

Yes I did miss something, a Note on page 49 that affected what I was trying to do on page 52. The note says: "When checking memories, both vacant and filled memories are displayed. If you would like to skip over vacant memories, press the FAST button before memory checking."

Well, I dont know about you, but my Fast button is normally activated for most of my tuning around on the bands. Never having used the P1-P9 memories before meant that they were vacant........thus they were not displaying when I was trying to select them with the Mem/Vfo Ch knob! When I turned off the Fast button option, yep, there were the empty P1-P9 memories and now I could program them and use them. Ugh, it should not have been this hard to figure that out.... hi hi

Also note that the reason this did not jump out at me before is that I had tested a MP software program to copy my memory frequencies to a computer file and back again. That process took all the empty memory channels and put in a default of 7.000.00 in all empty locations. Thus the Fast button activation did not have any blank memories to mask.......other than the P1-P9 memories. This is one of the reasons why I think programs should have the option to leave empty memories truly blank if they are empty and not put in some default value.


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