AFSK & soundcard - Setup with FT1000 MP

Commentary: If you want AFSK RTTY, PSK, SSTV, Hell, MFSK16 etc etc you should input your audio through the PACKET JACK and press the PKT button on the front of the rig. Yes, you will be LSB. For USB, all you have to do is set the Easy-Set menu item to SSTV-U and then press the USER button on the front of the rig after first pressing the PACKET button. Press PKT once, you're LSB - press it again, and/or hold it longer (can't remember) and you will be in USB. In the MARK-V at least, the LSB light will still be illuminated!! However, you can prove you've changed to USB by watching the frequency display and then you can also tune to a USB voice signal and it will be intelligible!

If you want FSK RTTY, you should wire to the RTTY jack on the back and press the RTTY button on the front.

You will need a PTT/FSK line from a com port in this arrangement. You could also send your audio to the PATCH jack to key the VOX, but there are issues with this, including frequency display offset etc as you will have to use the SSB modes. Plus the MARK-V won't let you use narrow filters in SSB modes like the older MP did.WA9ALS John

Follow Up Comments: Thanks very much on the info. John you did very well with enough details to get me going, even if you were running short on time. I went thru the Packet plug again and did the USER setup with the Easy-set stuff and it all worked out OK. The disable on the mic make it all worthwhile and by using the PKT button I now have my 250 hz filter centering up frequency so that I can mark and space freqs of 2050 and 2220 which hit right in the middle of my 250 filters. As you mentioned the LSB light staying on even though you're actually on USB is sort of a bug and the changes looking like they disappear threw me a little until I  did an on the air check to confirm that everything ended up as needed. My only scare was when I went over to DXbase 5.0 (the 2K DOS version) the transmitter keyed up but I had previously set up a disable switch in the interface which solved that problem. Anyway it's all going - PSK31,MFSK16 and MMTTY with filters in the necessary places to match. Sandy



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