Which Preamp to Use on Receive

What about the Flat vs. Tuned Preamps (menu 8-4), which do you use? Seems to me that there are times when you would want to switch back and forth, but having to access the menu is a pain. Dave, N1PC

Dave, I have found that changing the Flat vs Tuned helps in a couple of situations. It may be strictly my location or my radio but:
I have some line noise that is constantly present on 10 meters...by reducing the gain and going to the flat mode, the noise is reduced enormously...yes it does slightly reduce the signal strength of real signals BUT it also helps to hear very weak signals that are normally covered by the constant noise. Conversely, I find the reverse is true on 80 meters....In the flat mode my radio is much noisier than in the tuned mode.... Anyway, you might try it...After a while, you just know that menu 8-4 is the flat/tuned option. It's quick and easy. And yes, I have the INRAD mod. Tom K5IID


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