FT1000MP  & MarkV Interfaces






KAM Interconnection with FP1000MP

I made a cable up for my KAM+/KAM that goes as follows:
1-wht-Packet 1
2-blk&shld-Packet 2 & RTTY 4
3-brn-Packet 3 & RTTY 3
5-red-RTTY 1
6-purple-RTTY 2
7-blue-Packet 4

I just divided my KAM HF cable into two pigtails and added only two extra wires for common connections. This allows FSK or packet, with no cable changing. The colors are from the KAM cable supplied. I used some shrink tubing and it made a nice neat cable for HF digital.
73 de K8 Joe


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