FT1000MP & Mark V






MFJ 1026 Setup with FT1000MP:

If you use the MFJ-1026 per the recommended setup for the ANC-4 equivalent then you are not connected through the MFJ via the tuner. You still need an aux antenna. I have had the MFJ-1026 since last Saturday.

One thing I have learned and it is suggested by MFJ in their manual is that a external antenna will be required. I have tried the internal whip and it just does not give me a strong enough signal to use for the phase cancellation. I have tried several VHF antennas but they do not produce a strong enough signal at this location to help in the reduction of man made noise on the 160 and 80 meter bands. This weekend I plan on putting up a 40 meter dipole at around 20 ft high running parallel to my 80 meter Zepp, separated by 40 feet and hopefully more, that is up 65 feet, and hope that with the built in MFJ amplifier on the auxiliary antenna that I can get a strong enough signal (noise) to use to cancel out or help reduce a S-9 + birdie that occurs ever 17 KC or so on the two bands mentioned.

I have reviewed the schematics of the FT-1000MP, and I am assuming that its the same on the Mark V, where the aux antenna connects to the RF board after the LP and HP assemblies and passes the main antenna, connected to either the A or B input, to the RX Aux Output in the receive mode and not during transmit thus there is no need for the PTT connection to the MFJ. The only problem maybe to much RF signal pickup from the aux antenna connected to the MFJ will in transmit, however there is built in protection, if you choose to call it that, which will protect the unit.

Using the AUX RX antenna ins and out's on the back of the rig bypasses the tuner and as stated above both the LP and HP banks and thus will reduce the S-meter reading around 1/2 to 1 S-unit. That's the maximum I have seen to date. Give me a buzz in about 7 days and I'll bring you up to date on my results with a 40 meter dipole acting as the MFJ's noise canceling antenna.Possible a 20 meter dipole will produce enough signal as I have read from other user but my choice is to start with a 40 meter dipole.

Best of Luck, sounds like you also have a frustrating problem. Boy I hope that the WEB access over Power Line doesn't kick in, then we all will be in deep noise trouble and have to move into the VHF region. Ron - W4LDE




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